Sapphire Optics

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Glas Optics Offers Sapphire optics and sapphire custom shapes, including Sapphire Balls, Sapphire LensesSapphire Prisms, Sapphire Windows, Sapphire Optical Domes, Sapphire Light Guides and mechanical parts hold a unique place in the world of optics. A Sapphire Lens, Ball Lens and prism all exhibit exceptional performance in a number of applications that require extreme mechanical, optical, thermal and chemical robustness. Sapphire optics also have excellent transmission bandwidths, transmitting well into the UV and IR; a much wider range than most common lens materials.

Sapphire Optical Components are used in a variety of applications requiring high durability or broad spectral ranges, including semiconductor, FTIR spectroscopy, or FLIR imaging. Sapphire is the second hardest crystal, features a variety of attributes that are ideal for use in harsh environments, including extreme surface hardness, high thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant, as well as a strong resistance to a variety of chemical acids or alkalis. Compared to many standard optical materials, Sapphire Optical Components offer thinner designs, along with transmission ranges from 0.15 – 5.5μm for optimum performance in the ultraviolet to the MWIR.



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