Sapphire Wafer / LED Sapphire Substrate

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Sapphire glass (Sapphire Crystal) generally refers to synthetic sapphire, which is very different from the jewellery that people usually understand-natural sapphire. lt is generally used for the manufacture of watch mirrors, anti-drop and scratch-resistant mobile phone covers, and high requirements Protective observation windows. In recent years, the synthesis cost has been reduced, and the application market has increased day by day. lt is gradually being used in photographing, beauty equipment, and instrumentation protective windows.

LED sapphire substrate has many advantages, due to the less mismatched lattice and stable chemical and physical properties, the sapphire (Al2O3) wafer is the popular substrates for III-V nitrides, superconductors, and magnetic epi-film. They are widely used in GaN and thin-film epitaxial growth, silicon on sapphire, LED market, and optics industry.



Specification Glas Opticslenss can manufacture for substrates is as below:

OrientationR-plane,     C-plane, A-plane, M-plane or a specified orientation
Orientation Tolerance±     0.1°
Diameter2     inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 5inch,6 inches, 8 inches or others
Diameter Tolerance0.1mm   for 2 inches, 0.2mm for 3 inches, 0.3mm for 4 inches, 0.5mm for 6 inches
Thickness0.08mm,0.1mm,0.175mm,0.25mm,     0.33mm, 0.43mm, 0.65mm, 1mm or others;
Thickness Tolerance5μm
Primary Flat Length16.0±1.0mm     for 2 inches, 22.0±1.0mm for 3 inches, 30.0±1.5mm for 4 inches,     47.5/50.0±2.0mm for 6 inches
Primary Flat OrientationA-plane     (1 1-2 0 ) ± 0.2°; C-plane (0 0-0 1 ) ± 0.2°, Projected C-Axis 45 +/-   2°
TTV≤7µm     for 2 inches, ≤10µm for 3 inches, ≤15µm for 4 inches, ≤25µm for 6   inches
BOW≤7µm     for 2 inches, ≤10µm for 3 inches, ≤15µm for 4 inches, ≤25µm for 6   inches
Front   SurfaceEpi-Polished     (Ra< 0.3nm for C-plane, 0.5nm for other orientations)
Back   SurfaceFine     ground (Ra=0.6μm~1.4μm) or Epi-polished
PackagingPackaged     in a class 100 clean room environment




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