Fixed Focal Length Lens Design / FA Lens

2023-10-15    1039

Fixed Focal Length Lenses, are used in many robotics or inspection applications. Fixed Focal Length Lenses are Imaging Lens assemblies designed with a single angular field of view, also known as constant focal length. These imaging lenses typically have a minimum working distance, but no maximum, extending performance out to infinity. Objects closer to the Fixed Focal Length Lens will appear larger than objects farther from the lens.


Fixed focal length lenses are Entocentric Lenses, meaning that they collect rays diverging from the optical axis. Fixed focal length lenses are commonly used Optics in machine vision, being affordable products that are well suited for standard applications.

Knowing the basic parameters - focal length and sensor size - it is easy to calculate the field of view and working distance; the focus can be adjusted from a minimum working distance to infinity; usually also the iris is controlled mechanically, allowing you to manually adjust the lens F/# and consequently the light intensity, field depth and resolution.






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